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Expert healthcare at your fingertips

We use technology to help make improving your health easier from the comfort of your home.

Nutricoach combines personalized care from a trusted healthcare professional with our unique digital tools.

This blended approach will help you reach your goals, improve your health management and gain the confidence to keep up your positive lifestyle changes long term.

The science

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More frequent support means better results for you.

Studies show being in touch with your healthcare professional more often gives you a better chance of achieving your goals.

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Support at home using technology is just as good as seeing your
healthcare professional face to face.

Studies show that it’s how often you communicate that determines your chance of succeeding with your goals.

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It’s so much more than just an app.

It's more than just following a meal plan or tracking what you eat. 

You partner with a dietitan / nutritionist who will create a personalized program for you, be your accountability partner, and guide you step-by-step, helping you make and sustain lasting changes to your lifestyle and health.

Need help finding the right coach?

The Nutricoach app is an easy way to self-track your habits.

Track your weight measurements, physical activity, food and more. Your coach will support you by providing regular feedback on your progress, helping you notice patterns and change your behavior. You can reach out to your coach anytime for help and guidance.


You're in
safe hands

Nutricoach ensures that all coaches on our platform are registered nutrionists/ dietitians.

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