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Jhoanne Cruz-Balili,

Jhoanne is a Licensed Nutritionist-Dietitian and a Certified Sports Nutritionist based in Rizal who has more than 12 years of progressive experience and expertise working with known celebrities and private individuals in gyms, private companies and clinics. 

She caters to all age groups from Pediatric to Adults and Elderly with Medical Concerns. Her critical eye on diet and nutrition also makes her well sought after by corporate clients. 

Jhoanne provides personalized LifeStyle Based Programs to help her clients eat healthy and reach their targtes, while putting into consideration their status, capabilities, schedule, and food preferences. She makes sure that her clients are happily enjoying the process of reaching their goal - Having a ‘stress-free mind’ while enrolled in her program is a MUST for her.

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My specialty

Losing and Gaining Weight

Pediatric to Geriatric Clients dealing with Lifestyle Diseases.

Individuals who want to Eat Healthy, have a Fit Body and healthy Lifestyle.

12 years

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BS Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Sto.Tomas


Cookery NCll Bread and Pastry Production NCll

Center for Advanced Training in Food and Beverages, Inc.

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Green Goddess Creations PH

Jamila Aesthetic Clinic

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Monday to Friday

9:00 AM







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