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Mary Jeean Rico, RND

I really came to love educating people about nutrition, but what I realised is that, it would be most fulfilling to work with people who are not within the confines of a hospital - where prevention is truly better than cure - in the community. Looking back, it also occurred to me that both of my parents have a strong history for developing tumour, PCOS, cysts, myoma, and even CA - major indications of hormonal imbalances and detox problems.

At this point, I hopefully believe, that I was able to successfully "protect" myself from these conditions by applying what I've learned from nutrition and holistic health. After all, it's genetics and lifestyle on either side of the coin! Now, I strive to share what I know and translate it to the most practical way for those who have had these conditions or even those who just want to keep them at bay. 

I focus on women who struggle with hormonal imbalances, are confused and overwhelmed with the abundant and conflicting information online, and often battle with stubborn weight gain, food cravings and mood swings. We work together to come up with a personalised plan so these women can confidently and consistently nourish themselves, balance hormones, stabilise moods, achieve normal weight and ultimately, break free and live an empowered life!

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My specialty



Weight management, and mindful eating

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5 years

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Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

and Dietetics

University of the Philippines

Los Baños

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NDAP member, UP Vanguard, Inc. (Member)

PAN Alumni, Haring Ibon UPLB Alumni

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